Auctions NOW LIVE on eBay.

Attention Rangers! Beginning on April 24th, eight custom hand-painted Scorpitron maquettes modified by members of our studio will go up for auction along with the rest of the Wasteland 3 Collector’s Edition goods benefitting Child’s Play charity. Each auction set will also include a Steam key for the Colorado Collection of Wasteland 3, which includes all available DLC. 100% of the proceeds from these auctions goes to Child’s Play.


Please note that pictured with this set is the original Scorpitron maquette. Each auctioned set includes the described custom Scorpitron in that listing.

The Wasteland 3 Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Wasteland 3 Collector’s Edition outer sleeve and inner display-box with magnetic tri-panel enclosure and diorama display
  • Custom Scorpitron statue
  • Ranger’s Star metal keychain
  • Wasteland 3 mini-mixtape 8GB USB stick (containing soundtrack and game manual)
  • General Vargas’ dog tags
  • Wasteland 3 Art Book
  • Wasteland Survival Guide
  • Cloth Map of Colorado

A recap about the mechanical monstrosities these statuettes pay homage to:

“The Scorpitrons were the deadliest robots to emerge from Base Cochise. Designed for urban warfare, they were the chief weapons against the more densely populated and armed Las Vegas community. The original Scorpitron was heavily armored and propelled by tank treads. Its primary weapon was an autocannon mounted on its agile tail. Powerful enough to cause significant structural damage, the autocannon could make short work of even the most well-armored fortifications and defenders. After the destruction of Base Cochise, the remaining Scorpitrons were eventually hunted down and destroyed. However, a newer, deadlier variant appeared in Los Angeles. These upgraded models were the creation of Mattias and made the difference in Cochise’s renewed war against the Desert Rangers.”

-Excerpt from the WASTELAND SURVIVAL GUIDE, first edition

Let’s get a good close and personal look at each of these beasts we’re offering:

'Battle for Scorched Earth’ by Jason Barnes, Animation Director Barnes1.png You can bid on Jason's Scorpitron here!

‘Aculeus’ by Charlie Bloomer, Senior Producer Charlie3.jpg You can bid on Charlie's Scorpitron here!

‘The Crawfish’ by Christina Entwisle, UI Artist, & Megan Hourcade, 2D Artist ChristinaMegan2.jpg You can bid on Christina and Megan's Scorpitron here!

‘K.E.V.I.N.’ by Dan Glasl, Lead Concept Artist Dan4.jpg You can bid on Dan's Scorpitron here!

‘Awaiting Orders’ by David Rogers, Wasteland 3 Game Director David1.jpg You can bid on David's Scorpitron here!

‘Carnival’ by Josh Jertberg, former Lead Animator Josh1.jpg You can bid on Josh's Scorpitron here!

‘Concept Art Version’ by Mike Portillo, Senior AI Designer Portillo5.jpg You can bid on Mike's Scorpitron here!

‘Pierre, the Radioactive Scorpitron’ by Todd Moulder, Lead Engineer Todd2.jpg You can bid on Todd's Scorpitron here!

Auctions NOW LIVE on eBay.


Child’s Play Charity is rooted in the healing power of play. Endowed by the gaming community, Child’s Play is devoted to improving the lives of children and teens in children’s hospitals. Child’s Play has expanded to 190+ network hospitals across the globe.

That’s all for now, Rangers. Thanks for heeding the call and for being the best damn community this side of the Holy Detonation.

-Team inXile